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For added effect, she might make you use the heel portion to really cause some serious pain. Futanari sarah gets surprised by her girlfriend’s sister. By dishing out severe cock and ball torture cams a cruel dominatrix can really make a slave suffer and leave him in no doubt what so ever that she has full control and can do whatever she likes. The friction burns and tightness will cause you to double over and beg for mercy. Biting in hard, it will make it hard for you to stand up straight and you will be begging to be allowed to remove it in seconds. The polar opposite of hot wax lay, ice cube play is also extremely uncomfortable and painful for slaves.


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More episodes between rebecca and our main character. Using some bdsm props, a ball sack and weights are relatively cheap to buy and easy to use. Making you clip a spiked cock ring round your shaft is fine when soft but she will then make you watch porn or will flash you her own breasts.