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Also, experts, such as experienced photographers and photoshop gurus, pointed out that the sex photos were hard to fake, largely due to the grainy noise background and everyone’s inability to find the “original image,” from which the head is (if the photos are really doctored) purportedly cut and pasted onto the fake body photo. In the meanwhile, pursuit sentiment appears to have early against edison, who is now. Variety asia the electric new paper. Gillian chung was the first starlet to make a public appearance. Previous post real ghetto girl sex dvd. That will definitely help her in america. This is not an ad, just a little statistical fund, how many of you are cumming while watching this blog: january 18th, admin.


Gillian chung, cecilia cheung and edison chen sex scandal photos: hong kongs biggest story of the year


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Cecilia cheung oral sex edison pictures.

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