Chapped burning anus

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Anal itch (pruritus ani) guide: causes, symptoms and treatment options

I’ve not even told my wife or seen a doctor fearing embarrassment. Reported that bathing in oatmeal water helps to moisturize the skin and reduce itching and the urge to scratch. Any gel type medicine (desitine, a&d) aggrevates it as well. (warning do not use to much as it can leak through your pants!). Thoroughly but gently drying the anal area after every bowel movement, using unscented toilet paper, a clean cloth towel or a hair dryer if necessary. So far i’ve been itch free and grateful for it.

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Anal itchingAnal fissure - how to promote healing of an anal fissure


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Who develops an itchy bottom?

Now, where else would you tell anyone about this? really. The pain has subsided, but the itching seems to be getting worse. I think this would have caused some injury resulting in mild constant burning pain (though i don’t bleed).

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