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Bush, his outlook on how to deal with north korea was very different from his later approach to iraq. If not done carefully, his efforts would have only the legitimacy of the conqueror behind them and might well provide a target for later japanese nationalists seeking to overturn foreign reforms. Most americans do not understand that the japanese people do not credit macarthur with bringing democracy to japan, although they do honor his memory as a postwar shogun. The scarlet stripe on marines’ dress blue pants supposedly commemorates marines killed in the mexican-american war. They are being seduced into the abe spider web as cheney and friends had hoped. Prime minister abe stated that as part of efforts to strengthen the japan-us alliance the realignment of us forces in japan should be implemented steadily and ballistic missile defense cooperation be accelerated. Intends to follow the japanese model in iraq, it will have to keep saddam hussein in place and work through him.


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Prime minister abe stated that in dealing with various issues in east asia, it was important to respond in accordance with the japan-us alliance, which is based on shared common values. Naval base on february 21, 2007 in yokosuka, japan.