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The truth about the super orgasm - and what happened when i tried to have one

Then i feel like i need you to do it again. Spoiler alert: they haven’t stopped having them since. The vast majority of these have nothing to do with being sexually active, as i’m sure you know. I hear the sound of the fridge opening (it was in the same room but around a corner). As a result, when stimulating the supposed g-spot, we may simply be stimulating a different portion of the clitoris.


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Although science has an idea of what orgasms are, we are still quite uncertain as to how they occur. Panicking, i pull the blanket up over my girlfriend, push her flat against the couch, and then proceed to accidentally blow the biggest fear-load of my life into her mouth while trying to be as silent as possible. I pulled my dick out, hugged my pillows, imagined her beneath me, as horny as can be, unable to resist me any longer, and then i filled her tight, wet, asian pussy, with my oversized throbbing dick.

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