Ever feel like saying fuck everyone


What is it like to tell your boss to fuck off and then quit? - quora

Why wait to be asked if you are okay? if your friends confide in you to dump their troubles on you, why not do the same instead of waiting for them to ask you? if you got something on your mind, just say it, just like you did here. Sometimes that requires uncomfortable life changes. And what he shared with you was about some petty boy shit. Last time someone asked me how i’m doing was last 2 fridays ago and it was my uncle who i haven’t spoken to in months so it was obviously a courtesy. Which incidentally involves me having all of the power.


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You have nothing to lose. They’re coming off as flaunting their power to screen you, while from their point of view, they have no power at all — they spend all of their time seeing to the needs of the crowd. I have felt the way you seem to feel.

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