Feminine domination of submissive men

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120 best female domination & male servitude images on pinterest | dominatrix, back door man and mistress

I get lots of ballbusting to end my wicked ways. So your husband says he wants to be submissive to you. I’m not that dominant outside of the bedroom and have a normal career and ‘outside persona’, although i am fairly controlled and self disciplined and would be happier being in charge of a household. Try tying his hands with a scarf (or something more heavy duty if you are well-versed and ready for it – can you undo the knot? do his hands have adequate circulation?). Quite typically in these cases, the roles played in the bedroom are not reflective of the lives of the participants outside of the boudoir. The gym and the surrender.

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So for i start treating the girls like garbage? because that is the impression the girls have given to me. Rage on feminazis,rage on!

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