Guys drinking girls sperm


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If it is an x sperm then the resulting embryo will be xx (a girl) and if it is a y sperm the embryo will be xy (a boy). The caffeine in energy drinks might pose a fertility problem. The only exception to the restriction is sex selection to avoid serious gender-linked hereditary disorders, such as haemophilia and duchenne muscular dystrophy, which affect only boys. He doesn’t have to give it up completely, but it’s a good idea for men to limit their alcohol intake if they hope to become a dad.

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Being a couch potato

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Get regular physical activity

), and also reading and following the label when using pesticides in or out of the home. However, this rumor has a ton of anecdotal evidence, so if it seems to work for your partner, we say go ahead and grab the pineapple. Whether you ingest it, or receive it through intercourse, it will enter your bloodstream and help you doze off better than most over-the-counter sleep aids.

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