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And i’ve been saying that i took his walnut lol. Seriosuly, some of you acting like were some super advanced species. My immediate reaction when i found out was an overwhelming urge to go to my friend (who lives out of state and had to fly i’m for the funeral) and do anything i could. You do x, y, z; you come; he comes; you shake hands. Exclusive: off its successful experiment with “unrest” and kogonada’s “columbus,” sundance announces a new slate of films it will assist in navigating the world of self-distribution.


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I also felt a lot of pressure and like a loser because i hadn’t sufficiently charmed any men into wanting me yet. I don’t want to ride on this issue (the unfairness of the world) too much, but i might be more sensitive when it comes to such issues for a couple of other reasons (not solely my frustration with not having a girlfriend).

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