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I expect that an important next step for russia will be to turn on assad. There is now a third wave of iaf planes. The other fruit of that relationship, the journalist eli lake reports, is an intriguing cooperative venture between israel and some of its arab neighbours to set up a radar array to give early warning of an impending iranian missile attack. He long-range air-to-surface missile, designed as a “bunker buster”, is understood to be the weapon likely to be used if allied military intervention in syria is agreed upon, and could be useful to potentially penetrate underground chemical weapon stockpiles.

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Us gears up for attack on syria, israel ready for war

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- excellent pornObama administration supplied bunker-busting bombs to israel | world news | the guardianIsrael syria raytheon penetrate network.Syria fired 40 missiles at nothing after allied air strikes destroyed three assad chemical sitesC4 defence- double penetrationIsrael strikes iran in syria and loses a jet - the new york times

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