1930s Auto Union Racing Car Futuristically Reimagined

The Auto Union single-seater racing cars of the 1930s are some of the maddest and most dangerous vehicles ever made, which for many makes them hugely interesting and driver-forming.

Nowadays, with all the regulations, if something similar would have to be built, it’d be mandatorily safer and probably even faster.

But if the original spirit can be retained and reinterpreted, you can ‘channel’ the old car via the new one.

This striking example of modern design definitely shows its inspiration, but there’s a little bit of modern Audi in there as well, in order to tie it all in and make it seem more familiar to everybody.

According to the designer, Russia-based Burov Art, it’d be a mid-rear-engined design capable of taking either a conventional (turbocharged four-pot) engine or an electric drivetrain plus batteries.

But we posted it for the way it looks, so scroll down to the photo gallery below!

via diseno-art.com

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