1990 Audi Quattro Turbo Comes With A Rallying Pedigree Into a Growing Cult Status

The truth is, there aren’t many classic Audi Quattros in showroom condition in the world, which is why the estimated selling price for this pristine example sits between £60,000 and £70,000 ($79,000-$92,000).

Responsible for trying to find a new home for it at the upcoming Salon Prive, on September 3, SilverstoneAuctions state that the classic compact model has been driven for just 16,231 miles (26,121 km).

Accompanied by a service book that shows regular maintenance intervals and a significant number of previous MoT certificates, the car produced in 1990 was delivered new to the UK on April 25 to a Mr. M. Chappell, who had it fitted with some factory options such as a larger alternator, ABS, heated seats, central locking, electric windows and Quattro design interior, while the exterior was adorned with a Crystal Metallic Silver paintwork.

Powered by a 2.1-liter turbocharged, five-cylinder lump, with 20-valve, this Audi RR Quattro remains in its first owner’s possession up to date, who took good care of his prized jewel, keeping the engine bay completely original and the cabin in very good factory condition.

Positioned against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz Evo models of the era and the extremely popular BMW M3 E30, the Audi Quattro is believed to reach new heights in the years to come in terms of pricing, especially models that still remain in original condition with low mileage.