2016 Audi TT Looks Like A Toy Car In Cool New Commercial

Audi of America has released a new commercial for the 2016 TT which manages to completely blur the line between reality and fiction.

The 30-second ad spot is titled “Audi TT: Reality? Check.” and uses the innovative tilt-shift photography style to obtain a surreal effect. The new TT is seen stunt-driving in a vivid and surreal environment as a young boy plays with a toy-sized Audi TT.

As the boy imagines the sports car is chased by a helicopter, the viewer is drawn into his fantasy, with the TT seen stunt-driving in the imaginary world.

What’s really exciting about the commercial is the transition between the boy’s play set with winding coastlines and dense forests and the “real world” (looking similar to San Francisco) created by the young boy’s imagination.

The commercial made its debut on September 19 and you can watch an extended version of it after the virtual jump. There’s also a behind the scenes video which explains how the stunning visual effects were produced.


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