2016 season of Audi Mobile Terminal Tour begins

2016 season of Audi Mobile Terminal Tour begins

German carmaker Audi today kick-started the Audi Mobile Terminal Tour for 2016. The Audi Terminal is a mobile showroom designed to provide a full Audi experience to customers, both in metros as well as smaller cities.

The terminal consists of a car on display, a lounge and a wide range of accessories for customers to choose from. The mobile terminal will visit 20 cities over the course of the next six months. It will first be showcased in Siliguri from June 24-26, 2016, followed by Patna and Jamshedpur.

With the terminal, the carmaker aims to take its brand to the doorstep of the customer. Apart from displaying the cars and accessories, Audi says customers can also take test drives and connect with Audi dealers for enquiries, new bookings and after-sales support.

The Audi Mobile Terminal will be showcased to customers for over two days in each targeted city in partnership with Audi dealers.

The carmaker aims to get in touch with over 5,000 customers across India with this unique initiative. According to the company, over 1,200 customers visited the Audi Mobile Terminal in 2015.