2017 Audi A5 Cabrio & Sportback Will Probably Look Something Like This

With a couple of clear “Prologuesque” visual features and plenty of A4 tech on board, Audi‘s all-new A5 Coupe will spawn a couple of very familiar-looking 5-door and convertible versions.

While it may not represent a gigantic departure from the previous model in terms of looks, the new A5 certainly has what it takes to handle its business in these environmentally-conscious and tech-savvy times.

When the Cabrio and Sportback versions do arrive, odds are they’ll look much like these two renderings that X-Tomi put together right after he gave us a taste of what we might be in for once the range-topping RS5 comes out.

If you like the Coupe, chances are you’ll like the Cabriolet as well, especially if you tend to favor convertibles in general, as many people do. The Sportback however is the trickier horse to tame here because you can easily make a case for it being the most trendy A5 version ever since Audi came up with it back in late 2009.

Inside, there shouldn’t be any changes between the Coupe and any other versions (as was the case with the previous generation model), so what you see inside the 2017 A5 now is most likely what you’ll get when Audi launches the Cabrio & Sportback – with the possible exception of an available three-seat rear bench for the latter.

Once out, these two cars will go head to head with the likes of the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio and 4-Series Cabrio, and of course the 4-Series Gran Coupe respectively.