2017 Audi A5 Coupe is back with more GIF teasing

2017 Audi A5 Coupe is back with more GIF teasing image

The all new generation of the A5 Coupe is officially tipped for a worldwide debut on June 2 but before the date comes the German company is playing again with those childish GIFs.

While the latter set of teasers had the front design of the car as an Easter Egg, this time around we’re treated to a better view of the new headlight design. Their styling comes with a subtle differentiation from the current generation of the A4 sedan and station wagon. On the A5 Coupe these have a more pronounced curve instead of the angular lighting cluster of the A4s – while the lower edge is not separated midway like in the latter’s case. There’s also a modified LED daytime running lights signature and the entire headlight graphics are upgraded. Just like with the A4 models, the A5 coupe will have buyers choose between xenon, LED, and matrix LED headlights – which also include those spectacular turn signals.

One of the GIFs again treats us to an obscured view of the front three quarters of the car, as it discusses the new aerodynamics – now more efficient compared to the predecessor which had a drag coefficient of 0.29. Additionally, we know the A5 sits on the MLB Evo architecture – bringing a healthy weight loss – and all that equates to the model being quicker and more frugal. The final teaser tells us the A5 will borrow the optional adaptive damping suspension from the A4, where the ride height gets down by 10 mm and the Audi drive select treats the owner to various settings and combinations for the dampers.