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Rumors about Audi planning to build a crossover smaller than the Q3 have been flying around for a couple of years now. But even though Audi’s intentions to further expand the Q lineup were no secret, we have yet to see a fourth member to join the 2015 Audi Q3 , 2013 Audi Q5 , and 2016 Audi Q7 until 2015. That’s about to change next year, when the smallest Audi-badged crossover will be launched at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show .

That’s the word from Audi’s Ulrich Hackenberg, who told that the vehicle will make its public debut at the next Swiss auto show. Hackenberg also confirmed that the crossover will wear a Q2 badge. Initial reports said the vehicle will be named Q1 as the rights to the Q2 name were owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , which used it for a front axle differential in the past. It appears the conflict was settled and Audi will use the Q2 moniker.

Hackenberg’s statement comes just in time for our latest spy shots , which depict a camouflaged prototype of the upcoming Q2. The vehicle was spotted on the Nurburgring track. Not surprisingly, it sports the brand’s new design language seen on the Q7 SUV and 2016 Audi A4 sedan .

Spy Shots

September 24, 2015 – First testing session

Audi Q2

Audi Q2

Audi Q2


Judging by the camouflaged prototype, it’s safe to assume the Q2 will be a shrunken Q3. However, there are a few features that set it apart from its bigger sibling, apart from the size and overall shape. The roofline sits lower toward the back, giving the crossover a coupe -like appearance. The waistline also appears to sit lower than on the Q3, but the latter might also get this feature when the redesigned model comes out.


Audi A1

With recently redesigned Audis having received new interiors built around a clean dashboard highlighted by a continuous air-vent strip, I’m tempted to say the Q2 will too benefit from the new styling. However, it’s not yet clear whether the smaller vehicles will borrow the same features seen in the Q7 and A4. The crossover could very well receive an interior similar to the 2015 Audi A1 , a car that’s only slightly smaller. The good news here is that the Q2’s wheelbase is longer than the A1’s, which should make it pretty comfortable for four people.


The crossover will arrive with variety of four-cylinder engines. The gasoline lineup should include the 1.4-liter TFSI with outputs between 120 and 182 horsepower. On the diesel front, it should get both the 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter TDIs, with the most powerful version generating about 190 horses. Audi is also planning a performance-oriented SQ2 version, which is likely to borrow its engine from the 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI (the two will also share VW’s MQB platform. Expect the SQ2 to churn out around 230 horsepower. An RS Q2 model is also possible, but it’s probably at least a couple of years away.


The Q2 will become Audi’s most affordable crossover, which means it will be priced below the Q3, which currently retails from €29,600 (about $33,225) in Germany. Expect the Q2 to break cover at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. Unfortunately, Audi has no plans to bring it to the U.S. anytime soon.


2017 BMW X2


BMW is also planning a new compact crossover that’s also likely to arrive sometime in 2016. Dubbed X2, it will sit on the UKL1 platform used by the new 2014 Mini Cooper and 2016 BMW X1 , meaning it will be available with either front- or all-wheel-drive. Power will come from a wide range of drivetrains, including a 1.5-liter three-cylinder and various gasoline and diesel 2.0-liter four-bangers. BMW is probably also considering an M version of the X2, but given both the X1 and X3 have yet to receive the package, it might take a while until we see an X2 M in dealerships.


This crossover boom might seem ridiculous to people who’d rather own a wagon , but it makes a lot of sense to automakers. And by sense I mean money. Lots of money. This is why I’m not surprised Audi green-lighted the Q2 and I bet the Germans won’t stop until they have an SUV/crossover for each badge from Q1 to Q9. They still need five…

Exclusive rendering

Audi Q2


  • Likely sportier than the Q3
  • Small enough for city traffic
  • Performance version also underway


  • Yet another useless crossover
  • The same sausage different lengths design

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