2018 Audi SQ2

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Audi rolled out the red carpet for the Q2 at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, but as a 2017 model, it has yet to find a home in dealership showrooms. Be that as it may, Audi is actually moving pretty fast and has been caught testing the more powerful SQ2 on the Nürburgring. Given Audi’s traditional way of doing things, we already know that there won’t be too many significant changes inside or out. Audi knows that we know this, and that’s probably why the SQ2 was wearing absolutely zero camouflage while it was laying rubber on the ‘ring.

The Q2 expands Audi’s reach into the luxury crossover segment, and the SQ2 will give consumers something with a little more than the 190 horsepower offered by the standard Q2’s 2.0-liter gasoline and diesel engines. The SQ2 obviously takes on the same shape as its lesser brethren, so it all reality it’s more of a jacked up hatchback than a crossover, but considering BMW is probably thinking about an M version of its upcoming X2 crossover, the SQ2 should find itself with some decent competition at some point.

With that said, the Q2 should be hitting showrooms anytime and – given the fact that the SQ2 is free of camo in these shots – the SQ2 will likely show up around the same time. So, let’s take a look a good look at these spy shots before the model makes its official debut.

Spy Shots

June 15, 2016 – Audi SQ2 caught testing without camouflage

Audi SQ2

Audi SQ2

Audi SQ2


On the outside, Audi kept to its traditional style, only making minor exterior changes. The most dramatic comes in the form of a new fascia. The headlight units are the same, and the grille takes on the same shape, but the air dam below the grille is twice as tall, and the air inlets on each corner have grown a bit as well. So far the grille, air inlets and air dam have are all black, but I suspect Audi will add the traditional silver finish to the outside edges of the grille, and air inlets before the model makes it to showrooms. Furthermore, the Audi rings will also get a silver finish, and I expect to see an SQ2 badge on the grille.

There aren’t a lot of changes to talk about here, but there are surprisingly enough to set the model apart and differentiate it from the standard Q2

Nothing about the side profile has really changed, but the rear quarter panel above the waistline and behind the rear doors is now finished in black, as is the roof. Around back, the same overhang on the hatch remains, as does the same taillight units. The rear hatch itself, however, is more sculpted. The rear diffuser on the rear fascia is now more elevated, leading to a new character line on the fascia, and there are quad exhaust pipes as expected.

There aren’t a lot of changes to talk about here, but there are surprisingly enough to set the model apart and differentiate it from the standard Q2. That said, it’s still too bad that Audi doesn’t that its “S” models more seriously and give them a more aggressive appearance. Could you imagine how cool this thing would look with a more dramatic body kit all the way around?


This first round of spy shots yielded nothing as far as the interior goes, but knowing Audi, the interior will be carried over with some special S-exclusive features. That means we’ll see the same flat-bottom steering wheel and infotainment display on top of the dash. There will be the round HVAC vents on the face of the dash and a simplified center console. As far as the S-exclusive details, expect appointments similar to that of the S4. There will be new sport seats with adjustable side section, integrated headrests, and hopefully that massage function.

Most of the interior will be black, but expect the seats with Nappa leather and Alcantara to be available in a variety of color choices. Most of the trim inserts inside the cabin will be replaced with brushed aluminum units that will really stand out against the mostly black interior. Expect a few SQ2 logos here and there as well as a special start screen for the infotainment display. In addition to all this, the SQ2 will likely have the 12.3-inch virtual cockpit display screen that is customizable and reserved for S-based models.


Audi SQ2

As the story goes, there isn’t any official information regarding what will power the new SQ2, but we have a general idea. Rumors and logic suggest that the SQ2 will probably get the same turbocharged powerplant that powers the Audi S3. That means the SQ2 won’t only have Audi’s awesome quattro all-wheel-drive system, but it will come with 310 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque on tap as well. It’s enough to push the S3 sedan up to 60 mph in as quick as 4.7 seconds, but I’m expecting a 60-mph sprint of closer to 5 seconds for the SQ2. Expect the SQ2 to be offered with the S Tronic gearbox or an automatic, and the speed limiter will come into play at 155 mph, as per German standards.


We don’t even know how much the standard Audi Q2 will cost, so thinking about pricing of the SQ2 seems a little premature. With the price point for the Q2 expected to be around $29,000, the SQ2 could start as high as $34,000 – right around the same price as the base Q3. Of course, we’ll hear pricing for the standard Q2 closer to this fall when it hits showrooms, and that should give us a better idea of pricing for the SQ2. That said, stay tuned for updates.




The BMW X2 has yet to hit showrooms, but it is scheduled to arrive for the 2017 model year, so we should be seeing it about the same time we see the new Q2. At the current time, there is no official word on an X2M, but with Audi already testing an SQ2, there’s a damn good chance that Bimmer will show up with an M-version of the X2 in the near future. Until that happens, the SQ2 will neck it out with the xDrive 25i model that offers 231 horsepower from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with all-wheel drive capability. If an X2M does become a reality, expect a power output closer to 320 horsepower or so, which will likely trump the SQ2 by just a little bit. Pricing for the X2 is unknown at this point, but a starting price around $35,000 to $37,000 isn’t out of the question.


Audi SQ2

It doesn’t surprise me that we’re seeing the SQ2 testing without any camo whatsoever. In fact, the only real purpose of testing to model is to verify the aerodynamic features and subsequent handling with all that extra power over the standard model. With the model already being put through the paces ahead of the standard Q2’s official on-sale date, the SQ2 could hit showrooms at the same time or shortly thereafter. It should certainly be here by the turn of the new year. So, until we get some the official information and see it in the metal, check out our full gallery of spy shots and stay tuned for updates.


  • More power than standard Q2
  • More aggressive nature
  • Short wait after Q2


  • Audi should really do more to its S models
  • New exterior lighting would be nice
  • Needs better looking side skirts