ABT Tweaks The Audi SQ5 Diesel, Gives It More Power

ABT Sportsline is known for its hot upgrades for VW Group cars and this Audi SQ5 TDI makes no exception. The luxury compact SUV received some exterior modifications along with extra power, which definitely help it stand out even more.

The vehicle has a matte grey finish on the outside, on top of which the tuner added a new grille, along with carbon fiber front skirt, door strip attachments and a rear wing. Customers looking for more can fender extensions.

Contributing to the model’s looks are the wheels, available in 20- to 22-inches in size and in various designs and even colors. The German aftermarket specialist also offers wheel spacers (30 to 70 mm) and the ABT height adjustable suspension springs, which allow between 5mm and 30mm of lowering on the front axle and 10mm to 35mm on the rear.

We’ve saved the best for last because the diesel model is now more powerful and it’s capable of producing 365 PS (360 HP) and 710 Nm (lb-ft) of torque, up from the stock 326 PS (321 HP). Thanks to the added power, ABT’s SQ5 needs “less than 5 seconds” to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) from standstill and it can go up to a top speed of 260 km/h (162 mph).

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