All-New Audi A5 Coupe Profiled In Rose Tinted Swirls

At the time of writing, there are almost 12 hours left ‘till Ingolstadt officially shows its new coupe, on 9:15 pm EST.

Audi has been building up interest in the second-gen of the A5 Coupe, teasing us with gifs of its headlights, seats, seats, dash etc. and using the Now That’s A Coupe hashtag. Spreading the word onocial media and all that, you know…

We guess the final image before the event is this one, depicting the car in a swirling wrap with a similarly colored background. And with a rose tint at that.

The profile of the A5 Coupe is clearly an evolution of its predecessor, only sharper and brought up to date by adding the new corporate styling cue. Typical Audi, then, though from what we’ve seen before, the headlights will give it a more distinct face compared to the A4 on which it is based.

So, apart from the more stylish bodywork, expect a nearly identical interior with some sporty details, just two rear seats and, of course, the latest tech like the Virtual Cockpit, new MMI infotainment system and the rest of Audi’s tech

Four- and six-cylinder turbocharged engines, front- and all-wheel drive plus manual and dual-clutch transmission will all feature right from the start in Audi’s 4-Series fighter, but the M4 rivaling RS5 won’t launch before 2017.

We’ll keep an eye (or three) out for the real deal, just in case it pops out before the official deadline, so stay tuned.