All-New Audi Q5 Gets Scooped On NYC Streets

One of our readers caught the all-new Q5 out and about in New York City yesterday, and was quick to snap a couple of shots.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have his camera on him, just his cell phone, so the pictures are a bit blurry, but he managed to see some details.

For instance, he spotted the car’s front and rear LED lights, adaptive headlights and a clamshell rear trunk and judged its overall size to be similar to that of the Lexus NX.

All of that makes sense, since the Q5 will rival the NX, as well as the Volvo XC60 and of course its other two German competitors, the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC.

As we’ve seen in previous spy shots, the new generation Q5 doesn’t seem to break the mold, going for sharper details instead of a serious redesign.

Judging by the shoulder line, we think this rendering could be a rather accurate representation of what the new Q5 looks like. It won’t be long before we see how close it is to the actual product.

Photos: Jtecho_photography