An Audi RS7 Avant Makes No Sense At All Now, Does It?

If you want a powerful, luxurious, stylish and practical family estate car, it is hard to look past the Audi RS6 Avant.

The RS6 offers supercar levels of performance yet is so refined that it can easily be used on a daily basis and for cross-country road trips. It’s little wonder then why it’s been a staple of quattro GmbH’s range since 2002; but could it do with a sibling?

At the moment, Audi also offers the RS7 alongside the RS6, catering to those who favor a Sportback design over an estate. Nonetheless, Theophilus Chin has decided to imagine how an RS7 Avant could look, even if such a model makes absolutely no sense.

In essence, the RS6 Avant is an estate version of the RS7 and the RS7 is a sedan version of the RS6 Avant. Creating an RS7 Avant would be kind of like BMW launching an M3 Convertible, a model which would be completely nullified by the presence of the M4 drop-top.