Are you up for an Audi A4 pickup truck?

Are you up for an Audi A4 pickup truck? image

Well, the obvious answer is “no”, but with the segments diversifying all of the time, chances are we will see one over the next few years.

You can think of the above posted image as an “Audi A4 Ute” if that will make it better inside your head but the whole concept of it is just so wrong, on so many levels. Happily, Audi is not considering adding such a vehicle to its lineup because there is no market need for one but the hard step will be for a carmaker to add such a model and then we will see an explosion of similar ones, in a case which is following the example of the Nissan Juke.

What would you say to an Audi A4 pickup truck? What about a BMW 3-Series pickup, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, a Jaguar XE, a Cadillac ATS, a Volkswagen Passat, a Ford Mondeo, a Mazda6 and the list can go on. I mean, sure, Australians might dig it but it doesn’t relate to the rest of the Audi A4 lineup and it won’t be anything similar to the El Camino either. The image posted above is showing us how this model may look like if Audi will lose its senses and decide to put it into production but for the time being, it is nothing more than a simple rendering put together by X-Tomi Design.

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