Audi A4 Allroad looks interesting

Audi A4 Allroad looks interesting image

It’s not the real deal at this point but it is the best thing we’ve got on it so far.

Ever since the new generation of the Audi A4 has been unveiled earlier this year, rendering artists have tried to imagine how various versions of the midsized vehicle might look like once they will be ready for the market. This is exactly the case with the two images posted below, which are depicting the new Audi A4 Allroad. The photos are simple renderings at this point and they have been signed by Theophilus Chin. We can notice the plastic body cladding of the vehicle, the raised suspension system and that’s about all, because the rest of the car has remained unchanged.

We are not sure when the new A4 Allroad will be unveiled, or if Audi will continue to offer such a model, but we will remind you that the regular A4 is now 1mm shorter and 7 mm taller, in the Avant variant, compared to its four-door brother. It also has 15 liters more of boot space than its predecessor, holding up to 505 liters. Fold the rear seats and this will increase to a massive 1,510 liters. The sedan is 4,730 mm long, 1,840 mm wide and 1,143 mm tall. The engine lineup available for the car includes the 150 HP and 250 Nm 1.4 liter TFSI petrol burner and the 190 HP & 320 Nm of torque or 252 HP & 370 Nm of torque 2.0l TFSI. The diesel lineup includes the 2.0L TDI with 150 HP or 190 HP or the 3.0l TDI with 218 HP or 272 HP.

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