Audi already plans to develop a vast charging network for its upcoming electric cars

Audi already plans to develop a vast charging network for its upcoming electric cars image

Audi is in talks with German and US automakers about a shared network of fast chargers to prepare the ground for the approaching launch time of its e-tron model.

Audi is already paving the way for the 2018 launch of the brand’s all-electric 480 km range crossover. The company’s executives have said when the concept was presented at Frankfurt Auto Show that when the model came out on the market they would have a better infrastructure in place. “By the time we launch the e-tron, we will have a fast charge network in Germany,” they have promised. “An 80 per cent charge will take 30 minutes. The success of a model like this will depend on the infrastructure.” But this infrastructure should not be limited only to Germany. For the forthcoming model to be a hit, a much wider network should be provided around the most important markets. Therefore, Audi has started talks with German and US carmakers for a shared network of 150-kilowatt fast chargers to rival the Superchargers that Tesla Motors has built for its Model S and Model X.

“We will come up with a charging infrastructure in the US and Europe at least, with the same plug,” Siegfried Pint, Audi’s electric-powertrain chief, told reporters at the Los Angeles auto show. According to him, Audi does not plan to use the same network that Tesla has developed, as the American company uses a different charging standard rather than the plug used by most automakers. Discussions on the subject are in early stages, Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America, said. “It would be naive for everyone to invest in building their own little world,” Keogh said. “It would be inefficient, expensive and not a smart way to go from a consumer point of view.”

Via Automotive News Europe