Audi and Lego work together for some autonomous-vehicle related art

Audi and Lego work together for some autonomous-vehicle related art image

Of course at the center stage sits the RS7 Piloted Driving concept – but the artful installation does have its own soul (talk about the ghost in the machine) thanks to the Lego bricks.

The two companies have decided to join forces to create what they’re calling “The Extra Hour,” an art installation that will be showcased at the Design Miami event from November 30 to December 4. “Audi and the Lego Group share a passion for innovation and inventiveness,” said Nils Wollny, Head of Digital Business Strategy & Customer Experience at Audi. “This passion is also especially valuable in the development of new products and business models that relate to autonomous driving.” The autonomous RS 7 Piloted Drive concept is at the heart of this installation – at the core of the digital clock, with the accent provided by the massive 25 number constructed out of black, orange, and red Legos, to signal the “extra hour.”

This is of course not remotely the first time Lego bricks have been tied to the automotive world – recent examples include the all-new Land Rover Discovery debuting on the world’s largest Lego structure with almost six million bricks, or the life-size Ford Mustang that will be on display at an amusement park in the US. Audi’s display might be smaller, but it’s still impressive to watch, so give it a go if you’re in for the Design Miami this month and next.