Audi appears to be prepping Tesla Ludicrous Mode challenge for e-tron range

Audi appears to be prepping Tesla Ludicrous Mode challenge for e-tron range image

Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode – a boost feature that enables a brief jump in acceleration power to deliver shorter sprint times – appears to be receiving a challenge in the near future, from luxury automaker Audi.

We already know the world and auto executives have been taking different approaches to Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode, some of them bashing it and others praising its inherent irony. It appears that second largest world luxury auto producer, Audi, which has been lately hell bent on delivering more and more EVs, has taken a German approach to the matter. They treat it seriously and look set to deliver a counter-attack. According to a recent interview from CarAdvice, Peter Pilgram, the company’s senior scientist for Li-Ion cell development, has declared the brand has been studying a similar feature to introduce in its future fully electric vehicles.

Pilgram has also discussed the future of battery designs, with Audi apparently developing and researching prismatic cells which should have a higher energy density and are also more compact – occupying up to 75 percent of the battery pack’s space. For comparison purposes, Tesla’s current cylindrical cells take up 50 percent of the available space. Additionally, the executive added that once their own take on the Ludicrous Mode would be ready, the future Audi EV fitted with the boost feature could reach the same astonishing times posted by the Model S and Model X from Tesla.

We already have two models that look fitting to receive Audi’s new boost technology – the oncoming R8 e-tron and the Q6 crossover that appears set to arrive in 2018. The former is an easy case study – the feature could be introduced through a software update just like in the case of the Model S sedan. But we’ll have to wait and see if the boost will compete with the Ludicrous Mode, since the current R8 e-tron needs 3.9 seconds to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) and the Tesla Model S in Ludicrous Mode does it in three seconds flat.


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