Audi becomes major threat to volume automakers

Audi becomes major threat to volume automakers image

The second largest luxury automaker in the world at home in Europe is the sixth-biggest brand and manages to outsell mass-market carmakers such as Citroen or Fiat.

With the additional introduction of the new Q1 compact crossover propping up the bottom line the four-ringed brand will turn up the heat on these brands even more. And sales chief Luca de Meo says the Audi brand has no issue losing its premium stance even as its sales volume is enhanced. While a premium marquee doesn’t necessarily need volume if it can compensate with high profits, Audi and its close competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz have shown they are successful in delivering luxury models in the compact and even subcompact segments – especially if we consider Europe only. Audi will seek to further cement its position through the upcoming Q1 – delivering an impressive crossover range that spans virtually across all segments.

They are also keeping their center of gravity by delivering a new generation A6 midsize limousine and by introducing an all-new Q8 crossover sitting at the top end spectrum of the SUV class. They will use the new generation MLB architecture not only to downsize but also to move upper – a prerequisite in regions such as the US, China, Russia or the Gulf countries. And all is based on increased volume – for instance in certain European countries Audi and its luxury peers traditionally sell more vehicles than volume rivals – such as Germany or Switzerland and even the United Kingdom.

Via Automotive News Europe

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