Audi bets on hydrogen with h-tron quattro concept in Detroit

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Our Detroit live reporting continues with the Audi h-tron quattro, yet another alternatively-powered concept from VW’s premium brand.

Audi is trying to move away from the Dieselgate by showing the benefits of alternative propulsion. Its latest example is a technology study featuring a fuel cell powertrain using hydrogen as the energy source. The front-mounted electric motor generates 120 horsepower (90 kW) and works together with a rear-mounted electric motor pushing out 188 hp (140 kW). This grants the concept with an all-electric quattro setup working together with a battery that can provide a temporary boost of 134 hp (100 kW).

The Audi h-tron quattro concept can run the sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than seven seconds and offers a maximum range of up to 372.8 miles (600 km). A full refill of the hydrogen tanks will take around four minutes, so this is comparable to a regular gasoline/diesel refill.

There’s more to the study than its alternative powertrain as the vehicle also previews the piloted driving and parking technology set to be offered on the next-gen A8 due in 2017. The vehicle is able to drive itself on freeways at speeds of up to 37.3 mph (60 kph) and can also save you the trouble of having to park it.

As far as the exterior & interior design is concerned, it has a lot in common with the e-tron quattro concept from last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. If this concept will ever make the jump to a production version, it will be a hydrogen-powered version of the Q6. If Audi does have plans to make it, the model will likely be out around the end of the decade, following the all-electric Q6’s release in 2018.

Source: Audi