Audi Black Edition comes for the eager UK customer

Audi Black Edition comes for the eager UK customer image

The latest introduction from Audi in the United Kingdom comes in the form of a package that will seek to make the model range just a bit different from the rest of them already roaming the streets.

Audi has decided to join the party of automakers adding black shades or accessories to their models by expanding the Black Edition trim pack that was originally intended solely for the Q3 sport utility vehicle. Starting this month, buyers in the United Kingdom can also select it on the A3, S3, TT Coupe and Roadster, S6 and S6 Avant, as well as the S7. The Black Edition comes with an added touch of style via some dark trim while the interior benefits from a few luxury upgrades. The A3 range gets it for the price of at least 26,565 pounds and comes with darkened accessories around the grille, air inlets, mirrors, and windows. Tinted glass is for privacy and inside there’s also a 10-speaker stereo, while the design is completed with a set of 18-inch wheels with a matte titanium finish.

The Black Edition S3 models go for at least 33,880 pounds and come with the same amenities and 18-inch wheels on the three-door and Sportback or 19-inch wheel on the Sedan, as well as a Bang & Olufsen stereo. The Black Edition TTs will go for 31,735 pounds or 41,285 pounds if you select the TTS. They get 19-inch wheels and Bang & Olufsen stereo, with the roadster also packing a power wind deflector. The S6 will get the trim for 59,440 pounds and the S7 for 66,780 pounds – they go for 20-inch or 21-inch wheels, piano black interior trim and Bose stereos, as well as a flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel.