Audi Cars Make an Appearance in Captain America: Civil War

Who wouldn’t want to watch Captain America and Iron Man going all out against each other? The latest superhero ensemble movie from Marvel is set for release in a couple of weeks’ time and from what we can predict, is going to be a sure-shot blockbuster. The superheroes in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ will be seen behind the wheels of the mouthwatering range of Audi cars. Captain America/Steve Rogers will be seen in the Audi SQ7, which we are currently testing in Germany and will have the first drive report before the superheroes do. Tony Stark/Iron Man will be seen behind the wheel of his favourite Audi R8, the V10 Plus Coupe variant, which is the fastest production car in Audi’s portfolio. The new Audi A4 sedan and the A7 Sportback also make an appearance in the movie. Audi cars have been an integral part of Marvel superhero movies, specially the Iron Man series where Tony Stark’s preferred mode of transport always has been the Audi R8, in its various avatars.

Audi in Captain America Civil War

Audi in Captain America: Civil War

Director Anthony Russo, along with his brother Joe, has also filmed a razor-edged car chase scene involving the Audi SQ7, Captain America and the Black Panther. Making its silver screen debut will be the Audi Prologue concept which will be the ride for Black Panther/T’Challa, who will be seen in a Marvel movie for the first time as well. Talk about a grand entry. Audi believes that the Marvel superheroes will be best seen driving Audi cars rather than anything else. Also, Audi has put up a 90-second video of the chase on its website as well. The actual duration will be more than that. While we would love to put out more spoilers, we will refrain from spilling the beans further. Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War opens in the theatres on May 6, 2016.