Audi celebrates the 20th anniversary of the A3

Entry-level luxury cars are all the rage these days so it’s interesting to note the Audi A3 helped to kick start that trend twenty years ago.

The first model rolled off the assembly line on September 18th, 1995 and Audi says the car helped to set “new standards in the compact class with its sporty character, high-quality workmanship and optional quattro all-wheel drive system.”

More recently, the model has grown in popularity as Audi has introduced an A3 sedan and several eco-friendly variants including the e-tron and g-tron.  In total, the A3 is sold in more than 100 markets and Audi has built 3,647,833 units since 1995.

In a statement, Audi Board Member Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl said “20 years of the Audi A3 – that is 20 years of success in the compact class. Back then, we founded a new segment with the A3. Today, the high-volume A3 family is a fixed component of our model lineup.”

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