Audi Considering Ultra-Luxury A8 to Fight Mercedes-Maybach

Audi is watching the Mercedes-Benz S-Class closely and it sounds like the brand will replicate that car’s body styles with the next generation A8. 

That would include the addition of a new A8 with an even longer wheelbase and more luxury features to fight with the Mercedes-Maybach models. An A8 coupe is also under consideration to fully compete with the S-Class lineup, along with the possibility of a convertible model.

“The success of the extra-long version of the S-Class has got us wondering about whether there could be a business case for that in the future,” Audi technical boss Stefan Knirsch told Auto Express. Currently there is a long-wheelbase A8 available, but Mercedes has even longer versions with the Maybach S600 and Pullman, both of which also offer more luxury amenities than the standard S-Class.

Earlier this year, Audi rolled out a one-off six-door limousine that it built for for one specific customer, at least proving that the brand has long-wheelbase models on its mind.

Knirch also confirmed that when the new A8 arrives, it will be rated at SAE Level 3 for autonomous driving which means that the vehicle is almost fully self-driving at highway speeds. The driver still needs to be ready to intervene with a Level 3 system.