Audi considers Maybach rival

Audi considers Maybach rival

Apparently surprised by demand for Mercedes-Benz‘ longest luxury sedans, Audi is considering a new flagship luxury barge to slot above the A8 L.

“The success of the extra-long version of the S-Class has got us wondering about whether there could be a business case for that in the future,” Audi technical development head Stefan Knirsch told Auto Express.

The company currently offers just the standard A8 and the long-wheelbase A8 L, while rival Mercedes-Benz sells the extra-long Maybach and Pullman variants alongside two lengths of basic S-Class sedan.

Audi has shown several one-off or limited-edition models that hint at potential upscale variants for series production. The A8 L Extended is the longest example, featuring three seating rows and six doors. Rather than focusing on length, the A8 L Chauffeur Edition (pictured) features a more luxurious rear cabin with two power-adjustable seats.

The Extended was a one-off build for a European customer, while the Chauffeur Edition was limited to just five units sold in Japan. Both were highlighted publicly, suggesting Audi may have been testing the waters for a serial-production model.

The latest comments suggest any new flagship could be several years away from production, and only if Audi believes it can compete with Mercedes-Benz’ exclusive Maybach brand.