Audi continues to mysteriously tease the upcoming Q2 crossover

Audi continues to mysteriously tease the upcoming Q2 crossover image

German automaker Audi has decided that some playfulness will help us get in the spirit of the Geneva Motor Show taking place early next month, which is why they’re teasing us again about their new Q2 SUV.

Scheduled to make its official worldwide debut during the Swiss event, the Q2 crossover has been kept tidily under wraps (pun intended) which is why we’re treated to a couple of pictures with the “bed sheets” on top. We’re not really fans of such shenanigans but it’s a welcome break nonetheless from the full frontal (and actually every other position) “nudity” of the Mercedes E Class, which has been leaked in full glory over and over again before its intended release. Audi is also slowly building hype after showcasing last week an empty parking space – which is always pointless – as for these pictures at least we get a sense of the shape of the vehicle.

The smallest representative of the Ingolstadt-derived SUV breed has been long in the making and we already know it will be named the Q2 since the four-ringed company and FCA managed to kiss and make up after a dispute over the naming rights. The Q2 will make use of the MQB platform and pre-production has already started since October last year – with a scheduled release across dealerships this fall. The usual roster of engines is expected to be present, but as a novelty we could report about an alleged plug-in hybrid – or the usual team of high-performance versions: a diesel SQ2 and maybe even a hardcore 300-hp RS Q2.