Audi Deutschland has the answer for summer family trips: six-door A3 Cabrio

Audi Deutschland has the answer for summer family trips: six-door A3 Cabrio image

From the get go, Audi has been one serious “vorsprung durch technik” feature after another, but the German unit of the automaker has decided it was time to demonstrate some “summertime madness”.

So they leveled up to the task and created a rather unique long wheelbase A3 Cabrio that has received six doors… We’re not kidding and it’s not an April 1 fool’s joke as we’re nowhere near that date. The images also come courtesy of the official Facebook page of Audi Deutschland. But unfortunately we also don’t have any information to understand if the model was a client commission or just an exercise of imagination for the team that wanted to take some of their employees on longer bonding trips to the seaside. We do see the concept has been sourced using a previous generation Audi A3 Cabrio, which was introduced way back decades ago – in 2007.

Anyways, the machine that has some of the employees smiling while tucked in one of the eight places, features six separate doors for easy and convenient access. It also comes nicely fitted with the S-Line package and rides on 17-inch multi-spoke wheels, while other highlights easily noticeable are the black gloss radiator grille and side mirror covers, which match accordingly to the black leather seats. We also believe there’s no retractable roof on board, as the length of the car would have made a soft top impracticable for the minuscule boot of the car – which also looks highly unlikely to be able to gather the gear of all the eight inhabitants.

Via Audi Deutschland

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