Audi Hints At Rolling Out More Hardcore RS Variants

Rolling out a 400 PS compact saloon like the RS3 Sedan is no mean feat, but Ingolstadt could get even more feisty in the future.

When asked by Top Gear if Audi could follow the Golf GTI Clubsport S’ recipe and offer lighter, stripped-down cars, Stephan Reil, head of Audi’s Sport division said:

“Of course we did similar things in the past, the R8 GT for example. I could think of projects where you’d have the visible connection between the race car and the road car.”

Reil did state that there’s nothing in the pipeline just yet, though; certainly not for the RS3 and the R8 Spyder, considering they’re fresh out the oven: “There’s no actual project at the moment, but why not? With the RS3, maybe with another car.”

At that moment, he was asked about the TT RS, to which he replied: “Maybe. There are a lot of possibilities. You will just have to see. This is always an impulse in the life cycle of the car. You won’t bring that in an early time of the life cycle, though.”

So, if you deemed the RS3 Sedan’s aesthetics a bit underwhelming, at least compared to its 400 PS (394 hp) output, can you imagine how a Clubsport version will look? Still, it looks like we’ll all have to wait and see exactly what Audi is cooking.