Audi hints RS1 could happen

Audi has dropped a few hints about the possibility of launching an RS1 pocket rocket.

Even though Stephan Reil, technical director at Quattro GmbH, said last year the idea of an RS1 is “not very realistic”, Audi Australia managing director Andrew Doyle told Motoring last week during the local Audi Sport launch there is an appetite for an RS1. He went on to specify Australia would certainly get the RS1 if green-lighted for production as he is a big fan of an expanded RS model to better tackle Mercedes-AMG’s growing portfolio.

It’s not known at this point whether the RS1 will be ready in time for this generation or Audi will decide to take it slow and wait for the next generation A1. Taking into account the supermini was recently facelifted, an all-new model won’t be out sooner than 2018, so an RS1 is not expected before 2019.

Motoring speculates the expanded RS lineup could include an RS8 and an RS Q1, but even if these are being prepared, they won’t reach the assembly line anytime soon since the standard Q1 hasn’t even been introduced while the next-gen A8 is due in 2017.

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