Audi Invites Us To Define The Q2 In Their New Spot

Is it a small crossover, a tiny SUV or a regular hatchback with bigger ground clearance?

Not easy to define, but the only thing that’s certain is that it truly is a “new breed of Audi“.

Of course, if you were to go by this video’s description, you might be tempted to knock Audi for even suggesting that some people could confuse the Q2 with a sports car.

“Allroad or SUV? Sports car or Coupe?” We already know it’s not a sports car and we know it’s not a four-door/four-seat coupe. We also definitely know not to call it an SUV, but in a way Ingolstadt did manage to infuse several personalities into this rather compact car.

So what the Q2 is, in the end, up to the consumer. You could just say it’s a trendy little subcompact and call it a day. It certainly was one of the most popular and interesting cars that popped up at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and we reckon it’ll do very well with a young crowd.

If you’re looking to buy, you’ll still have to wait a few months before the order books open, but as long as Audi doesn’t blow the prices out of proportion, the Q2 might snag itself quite a few Q3 and A3 Sportback clients.