Audi Italia Promotes Goodwood Green A4 Exclusive

Audi thinks Italians might want to experiment with its “Audi Exclusive Goodwood Green” when it comes to the all-new A4.

So what’s the deal with green, you may ask? Well, some say that if you’ve got a really high IQ, like geniuses do, you’re very likely to pick green over other, more popular colors.

Most cars, however, seem to struggle with green, unless you count how well supercars or muscle cars look when painted neon green – like McLarens, Lambos and even Challenger Hellcats. We can throw in the Java Green BMW M3/M4 too, just for fun.

Even so, there is something noble about this particular Audi A4 and its Audi Exclusive duds, don’t you think?

The ‘Cognac’ leather (seats, doors, shifter) looks really classy against the dark surfaces of the interior, while the contrast stitching on the steering wheel is a “must have” on just about any Audi Exclusive interior.

Just to revisit the green factor for a bit, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t look bad at all when you check out the Cognac interior from the outside. All in all, this is a very distinctive car and even if you don’t necessarily agree with green in general, or green cars or this green car in particular, trying to understand those who would love it isn’t all that difficult.

Of course, most people would rather go for the more popular gray, silver, black, white, blue and reds of the world, but being spoiled for choice has never been a bad thing.