Audi keeps its 2020 targets, despite the emissions scandal

Audi keeps its 2020 targets, despite the emissions scandal image

Audi does not intend to rethink its five-year sales plan, despite the fact that the diesel emissions scandal consequences are difficult to be predicted in terms of future deliveries levels.

Audi has currently other concerns on the agenda than to think of its long-term plans. There are around 11 million Volkswagen cars worldwide affected by the diesel scandal, among which more the 2 million Audi models. However, brand’s CEO Rupert Stadler is confident about increasing annual sales to eventually reach the 2 million mark by 2020, sharing this view in an interview with Automotive News Europe. He is also focusing on expanding Audi’s SUV line-up by then, due to a growing demand in the segment. First things first, as Stadler says Audi’s immediate priorities are to fix affected customers’ cars and to clear all the problems with regulators.

Regarding the sales target, the company has to look at the global economic scenario, such as what is happening to the interest rates in the US or the “new normal” in China’s growth pace, but “right now, we are quite positive, so the 2020 target remains,” he said. For the US market, Audi has set a 200,000 vehicles target by 2018 and at this moment “we are at 165,000 in the first 10 months and we are happy about our profitable growth. We could buy market share, but this is not our philosophy. We try to limit our incentives, which are lower than those of our direct competitors.” The demand for Q SUVs cover almost a third of Audi’s global sales now, but Stadler aims for more. “Our target is 40 percent by 2020. I think it is an ambitious one, but I have positive feelings because market and customer behaviors favor this type of vehicle,” admitted Stadler.

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