Audi Launches Corporate Car-Sharing Service in the US

Audi has begun offering a new car-sharing service, but for now, only three cars will be in the fleet located in Durham, North Carolina. 

The test fleet is housed at American Underground, an office shared by more than 200 startup companies, and is made up of three 2017 Audi A4 sedans which are available on demand. Those involved in the program will be able to book the vehicle using the Audi shared fleet app.

Audi plans to rollout a national corporate car-sharing service in 2017 and will use feedback from those involved in the Durham project to help refine the process. Audi says that its wants to be a “major provider for premium mobility solutions,” and the brand plans to invest in services like Audi on demand and Audi at home.

“American Underground is a technology hub occupied with an ideal user group which helps us shape the service and perfect a unique user experience,” said Thiemo Rusch, senior director, vehicle sales and operation, Audi of America. “Piloting the service here gives us the necessary affirmation as we launch this new service nationally next year.”