Audi outsells BMW in January, Mercedes the leader

Audi outsells BMW in January, Mercedes the leader image

The January sales reports showed BMW behind its traditional rivals, also announcing a fierce fight for the luxury crown and a possible shift at the top at the end of the year.

The recent sales reports from the top premium makers revealed some surprising results. Chasing the luxury crown for some time now, Mercedes-Benz started the year on top of the sales results, posting a double-digit growth – 20 percent – and 150,814 vehicles global deliveries last month. Following the three-pointed star company report, BMW announced a 7.5 percent increase, with a total of 133,883 units sold around the world in January. The BMW X family remained increasingly popular in all the segments: sales of the BMW X3 rose by 16.6 percent (10,777), while demand of the BMW X6 increased 24.2 percent (3,587). The brand’s flagship, the new 7 Series, achieved a 26.3 percent boost compared with the same month last year. With its Mini brand included, BMW totaled 152,879 units worldwide, pushed by the positive sales trends in Europe (up 10.9 percent) and China (up 8.4 percent), while the demand in the US dropped by 4.0 percent.

The third contender, Audi, posted a smaller 4 percent growth for January, with around 143,150 units delivered, thus overpassing BMW figures. The four rings brand’s SUV models once again proved to be the global growth drivers. The cumulative sales of the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 of around 46,350 units were 20.3 percent above the previous year’s figure. The sales data shows that a new premium hierarchy could be possible at the end of the year, as Daimler AG’s Mercedes, a laggard for a number of years, has a new lineup that might prove decisive in the fight.