Audi , Pagani team with UK-firm on next-level car configurator

ZeroLight has developed real-time 3-D visualization technology that it says makes configuring a car such as this Audi R8 even more lifelike and interactive.

Less than two years ago ZeroLight didn’t exist. Today the UK-based technology specialist is working with Audi and Pagani to change the way people shop for cars.

“We are going to revolutionize the digital experience,” ZeroLight CEO Darren Jobling told Automotive News Europe.

ZeroLight has developed real-time 3-D visualization technology that it says makes configuring a car even more lifelike and interactive.

Want to see what a roof rack looks like on the car? Or the stitching on higher-end seat? Or any other option the automaker has to offer, this solution can do that.

Jobling said that giving the customers a better idea of how the features change the appearance of the car helps increase sales of the upgrades, which boosts margins.

“When you fit those big alloy wheels on the car it is very difficult to go back to the standard wheels,” Jobling said.

ZeroLight is Audi’s “visualization partner” and aims to help the automaker build on the success it has had with its Audi City digital showroom, where customers configure and interact with the car on massive powerwalls.

Jobling said that another advantage ZeroLight can provide is that it can bring a finished design from Audi to the automaker’s digital showrooms around the world in 24 hours. Since ZeroLight offers a so-called “omni-channel” solution, those car images can be spread across all of the automaker’s digital channels.

ZeroLight’s inaugural project was a collaboration with IBM and Jaguar Land Rover to bring the Jaguar F-Type and Range Rover Evoque to life digitally via a 3-D virtual showroom that was displayed at the 2012 Paris auto show.

At that time ZeroLight was functioning as a division of UK computer and video games developer Eutechnyx, which Jobling said already had a long relationship with automakers because it licensed images of their products for the products it created.

ZeroLight was spun off from Eutechnyx in July 2014. Audi and Pagani became ZeroLight customers this year and Jobling said more automakers will be using ZeroLight’s solutions soon.

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