Audi Piloted Driving Commercial Changes The Life Of A T-Rex

Fully autonomous cars are just over the horizon and when they do hit streets, the automotive industry will never be the same again.

While most driving enthusiasts will be dispirited to see them taking over the streets, lots of people are supportive of self-driving cars. As it turns out, even T-Rex’s are excited to see them arrive too.

In a rather curious video previewing its advanced piloted driving system, Audi has recruited an animated Tyrannosaurus rex to demonstrate how fully autonomous cars are the future and have the potential to change lives, even that of the most formidable species to ever grace the earth.

The concept behind the video is rather strange yet it somehow works, bringing together a ferocious hunter of the past with an advanced piece of technology of the future.

Audi is continuing to developed its piloted driving software and is set to debut some form of autonomous functionality in the upcoming A8. While the car won’t be able to drive itself all the time in all conditions, it is promising similar levels of autonomy to the Tesla Model S and Model X. That will include driverless parking and the ability for the car to drive itself in heavy traffic at up to 60 km/h.