Audi Q2 Could Pose A Threat For BMW X1, Mercedes GLA

While some see the all-new Audi Q2 as a more premium alternative to the Nissan Juke and Peugeot 2008, the brand’s execs believe that it could potentially steal away some of the regular customers of the Mercedes GLA and BMW X1.

Citing unnamed execs within the brand with the four rings, AutoNews writes that the manufacturer’s smallest and cheapest SUV could become a magnet for those looking to downsize from the aforementioned models, but not wanting to lose on the usual features found inside.

If this turns out to be true, then the Q3 is safe from the smaller Q2, as the usual buyers of the compact model are choosing it for its curvy design, and don’t normally enjoy the edgy styling: “It’s not a slender kind of athlete, rather a muscle-packed American football player“, said the baby crossover’s exterior designer, Matthias Fink.

As for the MINI Countryman, which could seem a potential rival for Audi’s subcompact SUV, the company’s chiefs say that it’s in no immediate danger, since MINI’s customers are loyal to the brand and not interested in the increased practicality and added space.