Audi Quattro Becomes Audi Sport, Promises Eight New RS Models

Audi has announced an official name change for its performance division, which is now known as Audi Sport GmbH. 

The previous name was Audi quattro GmbH, slightly confusing when you consider that the brand’s ubiquitous all-wheel drive system is also called quattro. Moving forward, Audi Sport will handle the brand’s factory-back racing efforts in a number of different leagues such as DTM and Formula E, along with developing high-performance RS models of road-going Audi cars.

Along with the name change announcement, Audi said that eight new models are coming from Audi Sport over the next 18 months, though the brand did not offer any details.

We expect an all-new Audi RS5 will be part of the eight models, along with a new RS4 and possibly RS versions of the A5 Sportback and A5 Cabriolet. The other high-performance Audis remain a mystery, but there is no doubt they will be great performance machines.

Audi Sport is also pumping up its dealership presence, expanding from 370 to 600 specific Audi Sport dealers by the end of 2017.