Audi Quattro Vs BMW xDrive Tug Of War: Who’s Your Money On?

Men will always be boys – only their toys get more expensive as they age. But seriously now, these guys tide their all-wheel drive German rides and played tug-of-war on the snow.

On one corner, there’s a BMW 3-Series F30 and in the other, an Audi A3 Sedan. Generally speaking, there’s over 100kg (220 lbs) difference between them, as the Bimmer is obviously heavier than the C-segment Audi.

The two cars in question belong to different segments, are in different weight classes, and we’re not even sure what type of tires the Audi had on, though the driver of the BMW does say that his car came with Pirelli P7s, which are all-season tires.

Another thing worth noting is that the Audi had its traction control system on, while the BMW did not, and once you get to the end of the clip, you might see why that would matter.

We don’t want to give more away, which is why we’re steering clear of telling you who won…sort of. But make no mistake, while interesting to watch, you can hardly draw any reasonable conclusions from this “test”.

Also, if you’re a fan of either Quattro or xDrive, do let us know why you think one is better than the other.

H/T to Carthrottle!