Audi R6 Concept Rendering Gives a Glimpse of the Future

Audi R6 Rendering

Artist Theophilus Chin takes some of the most beautiful cars on the planet and makes them look even better. He also comes up with new designs that are nothing more than flights of fancy. He’s worked his magic on everything from Bentley to Jaguar. But this time, he created a design for the possibly upcoming Audi R6—and it looks amazing.

Audi is reportedly working on a new sports car. It will fall somewhere between the TT and the R8 and no one knows exactly what we’re going to get when Audi finally decides to unveil its latest creation. According to AutoBild, it’s being designed under the codename P0455, but will be called the R6 once it’s complete.

Audi R6 Rendering Rear

Underneath the Audi skin is said to be the Porsche platform from the 718 Boxster and Cayman. It should make for an interesting matchup, and Theophilus Chin took a whack at showing us what this car might look like when it’s complete.

His design is slick, incorporating a bit of Audi and a bit of Porsche to come up with a Frankenstein creation that actually works quite well. It’s a fabulous design, but who knows how close he’s come to what’s actually happening in the real world. What do you think? Would you plunk down your hard-earned cash for this Audi-Porsche mashup?

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