Audi R8 Goes Drifting In The Snow With A Christmas Tree

With two seats, two doors and a mid-engined layout, one couldn’t reasonably call the Audi R8 practical. Not dissuaded by this, a customized R8 owned by Envision Group recently headed out into the snow for a seasonal tradition, transporting a real Christmas tree.

Filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, we get an up close look at this R8 and what an absolutely stunning car it is. It’s been adorned with a custom white wrap with patterns mimicking snake skin. It also includes a towering rear wing which supports a large Jon Olsson-inspired ski box which just happens to work perfectly as a Christmas tree carrier.

Adding to the versatility of this R8 is the adjustable air suspension system and of course, the all-wheel drive system found on all R8s.

Would it be much easier to take a pickup truck on such a journey? Of course, but would it be as much fun? Definitely not…